New Dimensions in Data

Datavized is a New York City-based software company building custom tools and 3D experiences for the mobile web

Datavized Workshop: WebXR Storytelling with A-Frame

On April 5, 2019 Datavized will lead a half-day, hands-on workshop on how to create WebXR storytelling with A-Frame (an easy to use and...

News Release: Datavized Launches Free Web App To Turn Data Into Sound and Music TwoTone is made by Datavized in partnership with Google News Initiative Official Site: Welcome to TwoTone...

An Intro to TwoTone

By Hugh McGrory, Co-founder and CEO, Datavized Technologies, Inc. TwoTone lets you turn data into sound and music. It uses the process of...

Datavized Workshops: 2019 Open Data Week

As an official partner of NYC Open Data Week, Datavized Technologies is hosting a half-day, hands-on workshop on how to use NYC Open Data...

Datavized Launches Geometric Public – Free 3D/VR Visualization Tool

Datavized Technologies, Inc., a NYC-based software company specialized in custom tools and 3D experiences for the mobile web, today...

Datavized WebXR Workshops at MIT

The Datavized team is headed to Cambridge, MA this week to present two workshops at the MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon on Thursday,...


A free and open-source tool to make music from data. Launching March 5, 2019. Made by Datavized with support from Google News Initiative.


Build and share immersive 3D location data experiences in minutes without coding


Create designs, animations & interactive visuals from data.

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