We’re excited to participate this week at the United Nations Environment Assembly of the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya to demonstrate how our immersive visualization software tools can be used to solve the most pressing environmental issues. “There’s Something in the Air”a VR experience exploring air pollution and global data over time, powered by Datavized launched the Assembly’s “Towards a Pollution-Free Planet” program on December 3rd at the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment in the lead-up to the third session of the UN Environment Assembly December 4-6. The project, in partnership with the Public VR Lab,  a Datavized beta partner, will also be showcased in the Assembly’s Sustainable Innovation Expo, December 4-6 from 9am-5pm, a platform presenting innovative technology demonstrating solutions that address the world’s environmental challenges while protecting the ecological boundaries of the planet for future generations. 

About the data: Estimates of air pollution based on fine particulate matter (PM2.5) mean annual exposure by country every 5 years from 1990-2010 and yearly between 2010 and 2015. Source: Health Effects Institute – State of Global Air. Values displayed are interpolated estimates of mean annual exposure, measured in micrograms per cubic meter.
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Photos from PublicVRLab at the UNEA demonstrating how VR can be used to educate and to create empathy towards earth:Pictured Left to Right (clockwise)

1) PublicVRLab team at the UN Environment Assembly Sustainable Innovation Expo 2) Kenyan woman learning about ocean acidification 3) Kathy Bisbee – Co-founder of PublicVR Lab, Susie Kitchens – UK permanent representative to UN in Nairobi, Nir Darom – Lead Creative Designer at PublicVRLab, Cheryl Case – Head of UK delegation to UN Environment Assembly, Amy Kamarainen – Senior Research Manager at Harvard Graduate School of Education, 4) PublicVRLab team with UN team Christian Mazzaei – Special Assistant to the Director of Ecosystems Division and Mia Turner – Governance Affairs Office

Check our blog in January for additional updates on the project. To become a partner and access our software tools in closed beta, contact us.