Datavized is working on a social impact project that explores how virtual reality technology can be used to communicate insights from data faster and more effectively.

Data visualization has moved from simple charts and graphs to sophisticated interactive projects and VR allows us to go further, adding a new dimension to the flat 2D screen and entering a world where the user can be fully immersed in 3D 360° data with new navigation possibilities such as gaze, voice and gesture.

Immersive 2030, is focused on the UN SDGs and allows users to view global data sets on an interactive globe in both virtual reality and online on any web-connected device.

Debra Anderson, Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer at Datavized Technologies Inc: “Big data keeps getting bigger and we need better ways to keep up. The real world is in 3D but for decades we have viewed the digital world behind 2D screens. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible to push the boundaries with data that matters.

Data visualization projects that use VR are usually restricted to looking around at the data in 3D space. We want to move beyond this and examine which practical applications of data are most suited to presenting insights when viewed in an immersive environment. This demo is a first step in a broader project.”

Datavized “Immersive 2030” is a Datavized Technologies Data Solutions for Good initiative designed to apply WebXR technologies as inclusive and connected data systems for sustainable development. The initiative aims to address the problem of data accessibility and bridge gaps between data producers and users through the use of accessible web-based data presentation, analysis and visualization solutions. Through data-driven immersive communications tools accessible to all, we can make better-decisions together to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Immersive 2030 was recognized as a Finalist in the 2nd annual Global WebXR Hackathon.

Datavized will be presenting Immersive 2030 to visitors at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 73) SDG Media Zone at UN Headquarters on Tuesday, September 25, 2pm-5pm and Friday, September 28, 2pm-5pm. Follow live at #SDGLive. Datavized will also be presenting at the side event Sustainable Development Solutions Network Sixth Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development on Thursday, September 27th. Follow @datavized on Twitter for updates.