Datavized Technologies, Inc., a NYC-based software company specialized in custom tools and 3D experiences for the mobile web, today announced the launch of Datavized Geometric Public, a free version of the SaaS 3D/VR visualization tool that will enable broader access for WebXR data visualization authoring and publishing.

Anyone with accesses to to the Web can now natively create and share 3D visualizations with a single click from their Geometric Public account to all connected devices , including in virtual reality and mixed reality headsets. Public subscription provides account holders with unlimited access to create projects.

“Since Datavized started building this tool we have invested heavily in technology that works everywhere across platforms, for everyone. Datavized also focused on designing a better way for geospatial data to be presented and experienced to drive better engagement and insights to make data actionable. Our push for free version of the tool makes it possible for more individuals and businesses to reach audiences in more places, and make VR on the web more accessible,” said Debra Anderson, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Datavized.

Highlighted features in Geometric Public:

Cross Platform – Works on 2D web devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and 3D VR headsets

Automatic – Upload a dataset to automatically generate a visualization, then customize to your needs.

Geospatial – Map geospatial data on an interactive globe for a 360 degree view of trends and insights. Set a target viewpoint and zoom level for location data.

100% Web – Runs on all standard web browsers with no need to download from an app store.

Publish & Share – Share a unique URL to the web or embed link as an iFrame, social media, via SMS to make data-driven experiences accessible to everyone.

Data Stories – Create a Geometric story through presentations using interactive slides for a guided or exploratory immersive presentation.

WebXR – Geometric is built on the WebXR API, view your project online and in virtual reality using any VR headset with a modern web browser.

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Datavized offers Support to Geometric Public users directly through the dashboard tool to help beginners get started and tell more compelling and immersive data stories with Datavized Geometric. Datavized is committed to helping individuals and teams share data-driven insights through immersive visualizations accessible on every device.  Datavized has also launched a Pro version of the software tool for users who have requirements to keep data and projects private. The Datavized team is also working with customers to create custom visualizations for projects that require advanced features such as spatialized audio, augmented reality, and 3D interactive websites.

Early Adopters of Geometric include SAGE Publishing (SAGE Stats), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the RHEA Group. To view examples, visit

About Datavized

Datavized Technologies, Inc. is a software company based in NYC specialized in building custom tools and 3D experiences. Datavized develops 100% web-based tools that enable individuals and businesses to effortlessly create and distribute compelling digital content. The company’s suite of products include immersive audio and visual applications that work cross-browser and cross-platform; including desktop, mobile, tablet and with virtual and mixed reality headsets.

About Datavized Geometric

Datavized Geometric is an immersive visualization platform that makes it easy to turn complex data into fully interactive web experiences. Datavized’s geodata software products provide users with a web-based drag and drop tool to effortlessly turn spreadsheets into fully interactive 3D maps for enhanced visualization, analysis and decision making. Datavized Geometric works on all platforms and connected devices; including desktop, mobile, tablet, and with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality headsets, enabling users to tell immersive data-driven stories. Datavized software products provide users with efficient, easy-to-use, three-dimensional geospatial templates for mapping global, national and city data visualizations. Datavized makes it easy to run rich 3D geospatial data as fully interactive visualizations live in web browsers and integrate spreadsheet data for analysis and presentation. The tool enables users to easily turn CSV, XLSX and geographic data structures into fully interactive and immersive data visualizations.

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Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer
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Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer