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Datavized software products make it easy to turn data into fully interactive visualizations live in web browsers. Geometric is built using proprietary WebXR software developed by Datavized so the tool and experience works on all devices, including, desktop, mobile, tablet, and with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) headsets. Geometric is also designed as a Progressive Web App, a new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web that are Reliable, Fast and Engaging. Load Geometric in your browser, map your data and publish. It’s that simple. We build tools at the speed of communication. No downloads, no app-store installs. Geometric is 100% web-based. You can install Geometric to your homescreen straight from your browser and enter full immersive web experiences on all devices, including in Virtual Reality. We’ve also designed push notifications to update you on new versions of the GeoMetric software so you can reload directly from your device.


Datavized Geometric is browser-based immersive visualization tool that makes it easy to turn geolocated data into fully interactive web experiences. Datavized GeoMetric provides users with a web-based drag and drop dashboard tool and efficient, easy-to-use geospatial templates to effortlessly turn spreadsheets into fully interactive 3D maps. Geometric makes it easy to run rich 3D geospatial data as fully interactive visualizations live in the browser and integrate spreadsheet data for analysis and presentation. Easily turn your CSV, XLSX and geographic data structures into fully interactive data visualizations. GeoMetric works on all devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet, and with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality headsets, enabling users to tell immersive data-driven stories. Get in touch to request a demo and early access to Datavized software tools.

Geometric is Launching Soon

See how you can easily create + publish beautiful, dynamic, mobile-ready 3D geospatial data visualizations.

Made with Geometric

Datavized’s web-based drag and drop tools help you effortlessly turn your spreadsheets into fully interactive 3D maps.   

SAGE used Geometric to develop an immersive data visualization of a data series from our library product, SAGE Stats. The experience was designed to generate excitement about the product at exhibitions by creating a memorable experience for potential customers.

Katie Metzler

Executive Head of Methods Innovation, SAGE Publishing

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