Datavized’s founders bring expertise in imaging, data and the Web. The team has been collaborating for more than two years to build a robust WebVR technology software stack from the ground up.


Hugh McGrory

Hugh McGrory

Chief Executive Officer

  • Innovator in imaging and technology (Yale nano-science residency)
  • Previously ran award-winning production studio with creative and coding teams
Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson

Chief Strategy Officer

  • Expert in Big Data and strategy (Lecturer at The New School)
  • Previously ran marketing consultancy, helping clients like Vimeo launch products
Brian Chirls

Brian Chirls

Chief Technology Officer

  • 24 years coding experience for web (Knight Foundation Technology Fellow)
  • Recognized by developer community for WebVR Starter Kit and Seriously.js

CEO Hugh McGrory on Data Science, Creativity, & VR at Strata+Hadoop

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CSO Debra Anderson on Real Data in Virtual Worlds at MIT

Debra Anderson MIT Talk


CTO Brian Chirls on WebVR & Democratization at MIT


About WebVR

WebVR is an experimental JavaScript API that provides access to Virtual Reality devices in your browser.

The experience runs seamlessly with an internet connection and can be viewed in 2D & 360° on desktop, mobile and tablet or in fully immersive 3D environments in VR with head mounted displays like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Cardboard.

WebVR is the next frontier in 3D web graphics and immersive visualization, an advanced personal computing platform. Right now you can view any 3D model or 3D scene on the Web and in Virtual Reality using a WebVR-enabled browser and any VR headset

How to Experience WebVR

On Mobile:

  • Open any WebGL-enabled browser
  • Click the VR button (Cardboard Icon)
  • Place your device in a mobile VR viewer
  • To view in Gear VR, enable WebVR in Samsung Internet

On Desktop:

  • Use Firefox or Chromium
  • Click the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift button to view in VR 
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